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Aubrey O’Day Claims to Have Had Sex with Donald Trump Jr. in a Gay Club Bathroom

In a recent revelation, singer Aubrey O’Day has made shocking claims about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump Jr. that took place in a New York gay club bathroom. O’Day discussed the affair during an appearance on Michael Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcast, shedding light on their relationship during the production of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2012.

Aubrey O'Day Claims to Have Had Sex with Donald Trump Jr. in a Gay Club Bathroom

Despite Donald Trump Jr. being married at the time, O’Day stated that they developed a friendship that eventually led to their involvement. They attended a prominent gay party together, where the sexual encounter allegedly took place. O’Day mentioned that despite Trump Jr.’s recent controversial social media posts, he appeared comfortable in the club environment.

During their encounter, O’Day revealed that Trump Jr. nicknamed her “Spanky” due to her wearing Spanx at the time. However, O’Day expressed regret for once referring to him as her soulmate, stating that she no longer sees him in the same light. The representative of Donald Trump Jr. has not commented on the matter, leaving the claims unaddressed.

It is important to note that this is not the first time O’Day has spoken publicly about her relationship with Donald Trump Jr. In 2019, she referred to him as her soulmate but acknowledged that their relationship had ended due to differences in his current life and personality. Donald Trump Jr. is currently engaged to Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Aubrey O'Day Claims to Have Had Sex with Donald Trump Jr. in a Gay Club Bathroom

The shocking revelation from Aubrey O’Day has garnered significant attention from the media and the public, stirring discussions about personal relationships and the intersection of politics and entertainment. While these allegations have surfaced, it remains to be seen how the parties involved will respond and what implications, if any, this will have on their lives and public image.

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