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Dhruv Rathee Net Worth – Biography, Income, Cars, Age & Family

Political activist and YouTube video producer Dhruv Rathee is from India. In India and other countries, he is well-known for his videos on political and social topics. Over 9.7 million people subscribe to Dhruv Rathee’s YouTube channel, which offers videos on a variety of subjects like corruption, democracy, and climate change. Rathee is active on social media sites like Twitter in addition to his YouTube channel, where he expresses his opinions on current events and political matters.

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth

In 2023, Dhruv Rathee net worth will be about 40-50 lakh in Indian rupees. He is an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer who creates videos on a range of subjects, such as political, environmental, and educational challenges. Over the past few years, Dhruv Rathee’s net worth has increased by 10%.

Although he earns money in many different ways, his YouTube channel is his main source of revenue. Additionally a vlogger, Dhruv has another channel where he posts travel-related vlogs with Juli, his fiancée. He makes more than 30 lakh rupees a month. In addition to that, he also earns a respectable sum of money via brand endorsements, partnerships, and his Instagram account.

Dhruv Rathee Biography

Good NameDhruv Rathee
Date of BirthOctober 8th, 1994
Age (as of 2021)27 Years
BirthplaceHaryana, India
ProfessionYouTuber and Vlogger
Famous forHis videos
QualificationBachelors in Mechanical engineering, Germany and Master’s in Renewable Engineering
Star Sign/ Zodiac SignLibra
Language KnownHindi & English

Dhruv Rathee was born on October 8, 1994, making him 27 years old as of 2021. A well-known social media activist from India, Dhruv Rathee posts videos to his YouTube account that discuss both political and environmental issues. He was raised in a prosperous Hindu family in Haryana, India, where he was born. He attended a CBSE school in Haryana for his early education before moving to Germany for higher study, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He also finished his renewable energy master’s degree.

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Dhruv Rathee is a young, attractive, and fit man. He controlled his nutrition to be healthy. He appeals to many due to his attractive demeanour, tall stature, and cute features. In addition to having black hair, he also possesses black eyes that sparkle like stars.

He comes from a wealthy family in Haryana and practices Hinduism with the Jaat ethnic group. Additionally, his parents encourage him and give him the strength to put in a lot of effort and pursue his aspirations.

As is well known, he pursued higher education in Germany, where he also met his girlfriend. where we frequently see in the videos on his vlogs channel. His girlfriend, a medical student, supports him greatly and assists him in filming movies.

In 2014, the same year his YouTube channel launched, Dhruv met his girlfriend Juli. His channel has amassed a sizable following, with each video receiving several million views and having more than 6.29 million followers. The couple wed on November 24 at Vienna, Austria’s Belvedere Palace after seven years of courtship. On their social media accounts, the newlyweds also posted brief clips from their idyllic wedding. “More than 7 years after we first met, we wed. Try to identify the region and city. We’ll also have a brief video of our wedding day soon. After the pair were married, Dhruv posted a photo to Instagram with the statement, “PS: Thank you for all the kind comments and congratulations!

  • His undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering are also from Germany.
  • His German sweetheart goes by the name of Juli Lbr.
  • Initially, he created a vlogs YouTube channel and uploaded travel and photography-related videos there.
  • In 2011, as Anna Hazare’s movement in Delhi got underway, he became more interested in politics and social consciousness
  • One of his YouTube channels is Dhruv Rathee, while the other is Dhruv Rathee Vlogs.
  • He has drawn criticism since he frequently exhibits partiality toward one political party and mainly posts movies that are critical of the present administration.
  • He admires journalist Ravish Kumar and enjoys the news programme NDTV. Additionally, Ravish Kumar invited him to appear on his NDTV programme Prime TV.
  • He was the subject of a police report after accusing Vikas Pandey, a software engineer and BJP supporter, in Delhi in 2018. Dhruv was sued for defamation in the amount of 15 lakhs by Vikas after he filed a complaint against him.
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Dhruv Rathee Net Worth

Dhruv Rathee Career:

He started his career as a mechanical design engineer, after completing of his master’s degree. His interest in political issues and social awareness grew in 2011 after the start of Anna Hazare’s movement in Delhi. In 2013 Dhruv created a YouTube channel and usually posted a few travel videos and photography videos with his phone during his higher studies.

He made his political video debut in 2014 with “BJP Exposed: Lies Behind The Bullshit,” in which he attacked the BJP administration that had just been elected. After that, he gained notoriety in 2016 by debunking YouTuber Ajay Sehrawat’s allegations of Arvind Kejriwal’s “ineffective” leadership. When I observed individuals spreading Ajay Sehrawat’s videos without verifying the information, Dhruv remarked, “I understood the necessity to display true research in front of them so that they comprehend the reality.

After that, Dhruv produced a number series of fact-checking films on events like the 2016 Uri attack, the 2016 Indian Line of Control Strike, the 2016 Indian Banknote Bandi (demonetization), and the Gur Mehar Kaur controversy. He launched Pee News, a satirical “false news” section in which he targeted the BJP and Hindutva policies. The “Dhruv Rathi Show” is a television program that Dhruv began. Since 2017, he has contributed articles to the online news source “ThePrint.”

His popularity on YouTube may be attributed to his interest in politics and social issues, as well as the fact that he has spoken out against any discrimination that exists in our nation by creating videos that raise political and social awareness. He is highly active in publishing films on his channel about the current events in the nation, such as political issues and other social causes, but occasionally he comes across contentious videos that get him into problems. Additionally, he maintains a Facebook page called “Dhruv Rathee Squad,” where they counter hate and fake news

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Dhruv Rathee Salary/Income

The majority of Dhruv Rathee’s income comes from his “Dhruv Rathee” YouTube channel. Dhruv Rathee’s YouTube channel had 9.72 million subscribers as of the time this article was written.  Additionally, his videos have had close to 138 million views. His station is the 100th most subscribed news channel worldwide and the 60th most subscribed channel in Germany, where he operates it from.

According to Social Blade, Dhruv Rathee’s annual income ranges from 18 to 294 thousand dollars, and his monthly earnings from YouTube range from 1.5 to 24 thousand dollars. These figures cannot be determined with certainty because YouTube prices for various adverts vary depending on the country from where a video is viewed as well as the country of the Youtuber.

Rathee also creates informative and explainer videos for businesses and startups outside of YouTube for a charge. According to talks with him, Dhruv Rathee makes between $50 and $100 for every 100,000 views. Dhruv Rathee has a net worth of between 40 and 50 lakhs rupees.

Dhruv Rathee Cars and House:

Information about Dhruv Rathee cars is not well known, but we will update this page as soon as we learn more.

Dhruv Rathee  family – Girlfriend, kids and parents:

Currently, Dhruv is wed to Juli, a longtime German girlfriend. The couple began dating while still in college and were wed on November 24, 2021, after dating for seven years.

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