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Donny Osmond’s Son? Chris on ‘Claim to Fame’ Sparks Speculation

Are you a fan of Donny Osmond? If so, you may be wondering if his son is on the reality TV show “Claim to Fame.” Fans believe that Chris, one of the contestants on the show, is the son of the iconic singer.


There are several clues that have led fans to believe that Chris is Donny’s son. For one, Chris has said that his celebrity relative is a musician uncle who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Donny Osmond certainly fits the bill, as he is a singer and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In addition, Chris looks very similar to Donny. They both have the same light brown hair and blue eyes. Chris has also said that he sings and plays the guitar, which are both talents that Donny Osmond is known for.

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Finally, Chris has made several references to the 1970s on the show. This is a time period when Donny Osmond was very popular. For example, Chris said that his celebrity relative was famous in the 1970s and that he has performed in Las Vegas for more than 13 years. Donny Osmond was a teen idol in the 1970s and has performed in Las Vegas for over 13 years.

While there is no concrete evidence that Chris is Donny Osmond’s son, the clues certainly point in that direction. Fans will have to tune in to “Claim to Fame” to find out for sure.

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