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Hangzhou Zoo Debunks Rumors That Sun Bears Are Humans in Disguise

Hangzhou, China – A viral video of a sun bear standing on its hind legs at Hangzhou Zoo has sparked speculation online that the animal is actually a human in a costume. However, the zoo has confirmed that the bear is real and that its behavior is perfectly normal for the species.


Sun bears are the smallest bear species in the world, and they are known for their upright posture. They often stand on their hind legs to reach for food or to survey their surroundings. The bear in the video was seen standing up to reach for a banana that was hanging from a tree.

The zoo’s post on social media, which was written from the perspective of the sun bear, addressed the rumors head-on. “Some people think I stand like a person,” the post said. “It seems you don’t understand me very well.”

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The post went on to explain that sun bears are “petite” and “not behemoths and danger personified.” It also pointed out that the bears stand around 1.3 meters (4 feet) tall when standing up on their hind legs, which is much smaller than the average human.

The zoo’s post has been shared thousands of times online, and it has helped to dispel the rumors about the sun bear. The zoo has also said that it is planning to hold educational events to teach people more about the species.

Sun bears are an endangered species, and they are native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They are threatened by habitat loss and poaching. The zoo’s efforts to educate the public about sun bears could help to raise awareness of the species and its conservation needs.

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