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Israel’s Judiciary Under Fire as Lawmakers Pass Controversial Measure

The law, which was sponsored by the ruling Likud party, was passed on Monday after a heated debate in the Knesset. The vote was 65-55, with several members of the opposition Likud party joining the coalition in support of the measure.


The law would give the government the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice, and the State Prosecutor’s Office. It would also give the government the power to dissolve the Judicial Appointments Committee, which is currently responsible for appointing judges to these bodies.

The law has been met with fierce criticism from legal experts and human rights groups, who say it would undermine the independence of the judiciary and give the government too much power over the courts.

“This law is a direct attack on the rule of law,” said Adalah, an Israeli human rights group. “It would give the government the power to appoint judges who are loyal to the government, and it would make it much harder for the courts to hold the government accountable.”

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The law has also been met with protests from the public. On Monday, thousands of people took to the streets of Jerusalem to protest the measure. The protests were largely peaceful, but there were some clashes between protesters and police.

The law is likely to face legal challenges, and it is unclear whether it will ultimately be upheld by the courts. However, the passage of the law is a sign of the growing power of the right-wing government in Israel, and it is a cause for concern for those who believe in the independence of the judiciary.

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