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Jaylan Mobley’s Net Worth – Biography, Income, Cars, Age & Family


Jaylan Mobley, a First Lieutenant and Deputy Team Chief of the Defense Cyber Operations Element in the West Virginia Army National Guard, has recently come into the public eye following his high-profile relationships with “16 And Pregnant” alumni Leah Messer.

Jaylan Mobley's

In this article, we will delve into Jaylan Mobley’s net worth, career, education, and personal life, offering a comprehensive overview of this rising star.

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The Origin Story

Jaylan Lee Mobley was born on September 14, 1996, in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. He has maintained a relatively private life, making it difficult to find information about his childhood and family background. Nonetheless, his impressive military career and recent relationship with Leah Messer have attracted attention from the public and media alike.

Education and Military Beginnings

Mobley’s educational journey began at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point in 2015. This prestigious institution laid the foundation for his future military career, providing him with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in his chosen field. In 2016, Mobley continued his education at the Georgia Military College (GMC), where he earned a double associate degree in homeland security and computer science in 2018. His academic pursuits did not end there, as he furthered his education at West Virginia University (WVU), obtaining a Bachelor of Science in management information systems in 2020 and a Master of Science in cyber security in 2021.

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Military and Security Training

While attending GMC in 2017, Mobley held the position of 139th Regimental Commander for ten months. This role provided him with valuable leadership experience that would serve him well in his future military endeavors. In 2018, Mobley took on an internship at BAE Systems, a prominent defense and aerospace company. Although this position lasted only two months, it proved to be a pivotal moment in his career, giving him hands-on experience that would pave the way for his future role in the National Guard.

WVU Cyber Security Team

Following his brief stint at BAE Systems, Mobley accepted a position as a Case Manager with BB&T, another short-lived role that lasted just three months. He then joined the WVU Cyber Security Team as a Cyber Security Gold Team Member, where he further honed his skills in computer security and network defense. This student role also lasted three months, but it provided him with invaluable knowledge and experience in the field.

Internship at NASA

In 2019, Mobley’s professional career took a significant leap when he secured an internship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). During his time at NASA, Mobley worked with cyber security tools from both offensive (RED team) and defensive (BLUE team) perspectives. This prestigious opportunity undoubtedly bolstered his resume, opening doors to future career advancements.

Civil-Military Innovation Institute Inc.

In 2021, Mobley accepted a five-month contract with the Civil-Military Innovation Institute Inc. as the Warfighter Innovation Chief. In this role, Mobley gained hands-on experience in building civil-military innovative workforce optimization strategies to advance national security technologies.

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West Virginia Army National Guard

Mobley’s career truly took off in June 2020 when he became a full-time Information Technology Help Desk Federal Technician with the Army National Guard. After demonstrating dedication and skill in this role for two years, he was recruited into the West Virginia Army National Guard as a Second Lieutenant.
In recognition of his hard work and commitment, Mobley was promoted to First Lieutenant after four years of service. His current position as Deputy Team Chief of the Defense Cyber Operations Element is a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field of cyber security.

Personal Life and Relationship with Leah Messer

While Mobley was no stranger to professional success, his personal life took an unexpected turn when he entered the public eye due to his relationship with reality TV star Leah Messer. The couple met through a project Mobley was involved with the ESPN network, and their relationship was made public in September 2021 when Messer shared a photo of the two together on her Instagram account. Leah Messer is a mother to three daughters, twins Adalynn Faith and Aliannah Hope, and her youngest, Aleeah Grace.
She initially gained fame in 2012 when she appeared on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant,” a reality show that documented her life as a teenage mother. The success of the show led to a spinoff series, “Teen Mom,” which continues to air today and features Messer as a regular cast member. As a result of their relationship, Mobley has also made appearances on “Teen Mom” alongside Messer. Although the
the couple announced their engagement in August 2022, but they ultimately decided to part ways two months later.

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Jaylan Mobley’s Net Worth

Given his impressive military career and various professional pursuits, it’s no surprise that Jaylan Mobley has amassed a substantial net worth. As a First Lieutenant in the West Virginia Army National Guard, Mobley earns an annual salary of approximately $80,000. Additionally, he has secured income through brand deals on his Instagram account and other professional endeavors. In April 2022, Mobley purchased a new house, further solidifying his financial success. Taking all of this into account, it’s estimated that Jaylan Mobley’s net worth is around $700,000.


Jaylan Mobley’s journey from humble beginnings to a successful military career and high-profile relationship is undoubtedly impressive. His dedication to education and professional development has led him to excel in the field of cybersecurity, earning him a respectable net worth and a promising future. Although his personal life has been thrust into the spotlight, Mobley continues to focus on his career and make a name for himself in the world of cyber security and defense.

Social Media Handle:-

Instagram:- https://www.tiktok.com/discover/jaylan-mobley?lang=en

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/jaylan_mobley?lang=en

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/jaylan.mobley.3/

What does Jaylan Mobley do for a living?

About. I am currently serving in the West Virginia Army National Guard as a First Lieutenant, Deputy Team Chief, of the Defense Cyber Operations Element.

What happened with Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley?

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer split from her ex-fiancé, Jaylan Mobley, in October 2022, just two months after getting engaged. Despite the heartbreak, the MTV personality hasn’t hesitated to speak her mind about the breakup and the former NASA employee.

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