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John Stamos Admits He Tried to Quit ‘Full House’ at First

In a recent interview, John Stamos revealed that he initially hated being on the hit sitcom Full House. The actor, who played Uncle Jesse on the show, said that he was under the impression that the show would be more like Bosom Buddies, a comedy about two men who pose as women to live in an all-female apartment building. However, Stamos was surprised to learn that Full House was actually a family-oriented show with a focus on the three young girls at the center of the story.


“I hated that show,” Stamos said during an appearance on the YouTube talk show Hot Ones. “Obviously, I ended up loving it.”

Stamos said that he was initially upset because he felt like he was the star of the show and that the children were just background characters. However, he eventually came to realize that the children were the heart of the show and that they were the ones who really connected with the audience.

“The central character was love,” Stamos said.

Stamos’s comments have sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with some fans expressing surprise that he ever hated the show. However, others have said that they can understand why he felt that way at first. After all, Full House is a very different show than Bosom Buddies.

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Despite his initial misgivings, Stamos eventually came to love Full House and he is now one of the show’s biggest fans. He has even said that he would be open to doing a reboot of the show in the future.

“I would love to do it,” Stamos said. “I think it would be great.”

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Whether or not a Full House reboot ever happens, Stamos’s comments are a reminder that even the most successful shows can have a rocky start. However, with time and effort, even the most unexpected shows can become beloved classics.

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