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“March Madness Showdown: Alabama vs. Maryland – Who Will Come Out on Top?”

The article discusses how to watch the upcoming March Madness game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Maryland Terrapins. The game is set to take place on March 18th, 2023 and will be televised nationally on CBS. Viewers can also stream the game through the CBS website or app, as well as through various cable and streaming services.

The article provides a detailed guide on how to access the game through different mediums, including cable providers, streaming services, and the CBS website and app. It also notes that viewers can catch up on highlights and analysis of the game through various sports news outlets.

The article briefly touches on the current state of both teams, noting that Alabama has had a strong season and is a favorite to win the game, while Maryland has struggled but could still pose a threat. It also highlights key players to watch for on both sides.

Overall, the article serves as a useful guide for fans who are looking to watch the game, providing easy-to-follow instructions for accessing it through various channels. It also provides some context for the game and its participants, which may be useful for those who are less familiar with the teams.

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