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Michael Oher Sues ‘Adoptive Parents’ for Tricking Him, Profiting Off His Story

(Los Angeles, CA) – Michael Oher, the former NFL star whose life story was the basis for the Oscar-winning film The Blind Side, has filed a lawsuit against his “adoptive parents”, the Tuohy family, alleging that they tricked him into signing a conservatorship agreement when he was 18 years old.


In the lawsuit, Oher claims that the Tuohys never legally adopted him, but instead placed him in a conservatorship, which gave them legal control over his finances and personal affairs. Oher alleges that the Tuohys misled him into signing the conservatorship agreement, telling him that it was the only way that they could continue to provide for him financially.

Oher also alleges that the Tuohys have profited off of his story without his consent. He claims that they have used his name and likeness to promote their businesses and charitable foundations, and that they have received millions of dollars in royalties from the film The Blind Side.

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Oher is seeking an end to the conservatorship, as well as damages for the emotional distress and financial losses he has allegedly suffered. He is also seeking to have the Tuohys disgorge any profits they have made from his story.

The Tuohys have denied Oher’s allegations. They say that they did everything they could to help Oher, and that they never intended to harm him. They have also said that they are willing to work with Oher to resolve the matter amicably.

The case is still in its early stages, and it is not yet clear how it will be resolved. However, the allegations made by Oher are serious, and they could have a significant impact on the Tuohy family and their reputation.

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