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Mike Lindell Net Worth – Biography, Income, Cars, height, Age & Family

Mike Lindell, also known by his birth name Michael James Lindell, is a well-known entrepreneur and inventor in the United States. He is the CEO and founder of My Pillow, a famous pillow-manufacturing company that has been in business for over a decade. 

mike lindell net worth

Mike Lindell net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, making him one of the wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs in the country. Lindell’s success story is a true testament to the American dream, as he has gone from a recovering drug addict to a successful businessperson and philanthropist

With a passion for innovation and a drive to help others, Lindell is an inspiration to many. Another thing that made Mike famous is his 

vocal support for former President Donald Trump and his frequent commentator on conservative media. Lindell’s rags-to-riches story and outspoken personality have made him a polarizing figure in American business and politics.

Who is Mike Lindell? Is he married, does he still own my pillow company, and what is his lifestyle? Learn more about this self-made million by reading on …..

Mike Lindell Net Worth

As of 2023, how much is Mike Lindell worth? Mike Lindell has a net worth of $50 million. Note that this is his net worth, excluding his company Pillow In.

Mike Lindell Biography

Real NameMichael James Lindell
Date of BirthJune 28, 1961
Mike Lindell Age61 years old 
Birth PlaceMankato, Minnesota
Mike Lindell Height6’ 
Mike Lindell Weight90 kg 
Marital StatusDivorced
Mike Lindell Kids4
ProfessionBusinessman and inventor
Mike Lindell Net Worth$ 50 million 

Mike Lindell is an American businessman and inventor best known as the founder and CEO of MyPillow, a company specializing in manufacturing and selling patented pillow designs. He was born on June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota.

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Lindell grew up in a working-class family and had a difficult childhood. He struggled with addiction and was homeless for some time. However, he eventually turned his life around and began working various jobs, including as a sales representative for a carpet cleaning company.

In 2004, Lindell started his own business and began experimenting with different pillow designs in his spare time. He eventually developed a pillow that he believed was superior to any other on the market. He named his company “MyPillow” and began selling the pillows through infomercials and on the Internet.

MyPillow quickly became a success, and Lindell’s unique pillow designs earned him several patents. He expanded the company’s product line to include other bedding items, such as mattress toppers and bed sheets.

how much is mike lindell worth

In addition to his business success, Lindell is known for his conservative political views and support of President Donald Trump. He has used his platform as a successful businessman to speak out on various political issues and has been a vocal supporter of Trump’s policies.

Lindell is also a Christian and has used his business success to give back to the community. He has donated to various charities, including those that support addiction recovery and homeless shelters.

Mike Lindell is a successful businessman and inventor who has overcome personal struggles to achieve success. 

Mike Lindell’s Career Details

Mike Lindell is an American entrepreneur and inventor best known as the CEO and founder of MyPillow, a company that produces and sells patented pillow products.

Lindell began his career while recovering from being a drug addict and convicted felon and struggled to find steady employment. In 2004, he founded MyPillow, a small, home-based business selling pillows at local fairs and events.

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Through persistent advertising and marketing, Lindell grew MyPillow into a successful and profitable business, expanding to sell a wide range of pillow products and accessories.

In addition to his role at MyPillow, Lindell has also been involved in several other business ventures, including a line of bedding products, a line of home cleaning products, and a line of health supplements.

Lindell is also known for his support of conservative political causes and has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump. He has also been a vocal critic of the 2020 presidential election and promoted voter fraud conspiracy theories. Some people firmly believe that he may launch his career in politics soon due to his well-articulated views on politics and what is happening in America.

Despite his controversial political views and statements, Lindell continues to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His net worth has been estimated at over $50 million.

Mike Lindell’s Income Details

Mike Lindell, the CEO and founder of MyPillow, earns his income through the sales and distribution of his company’s products. He also earns revenue through investments and partnerships with other companies and brands. Lindell has also made money through various speaking engagements and appearances on television and radio programs. Lastly, Mike is an author, and his books are in the market for sale.


  •  He is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of MyPillow, Inc.
  • He developed and patented a unique “interlocking fill” technology for his pillows, leading to significant growth and success for the company.
  • He is the author of the book “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO”, which details his journey and rise to success.
  • He has put up Philanthropic efforts, including founding the Lindell Foundation, which assists those struggling with addiction.
  • He was named one of Inc. Magazine’s “5000 Fastest Growing Companies” in 2011 and 2012.
  • He appeared as a guest on various television shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.
  • He received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the retail category in 2018.
  • He was appointed as a member of President Donald Trump’s Economic Revival Council in 2020
  •  Mike appeared in several advertisements and commercials for MyPillow, becoming a well-known public figure.
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mike lindell wife

Mike Lindell’s Lifestyle – Cars and Homes

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, is known to live a luxurious lifestyle. 


He is known to own several high-end cars, including;

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 
  • Lamborghini Aventador


In terms of homes, Lindell is reported to own several properties, including;

  • $4 million mansion in Minnesota
  • $2 million lakefront property in Florida
  • $2 million beachfront property in California
  • $2.5 million penthouse in Las Vegas
  • $1.8 million property in Mexico

Overall, Lindell’s lifestyle is one of luxury and comfort, focusing on high-end cars and properties.

Mike Lindell’s Family- Partner, Kids and Parents

Mike Lindell’s wife name is Karen Dickey. They were married in 2013 and later divorced in 2013. Mike Lindell is currently single, and they share four children Heather Lueth, Darren Lindell, Lizzy Mayers and Charlie Lindell. He is the son of Barbara and James Lindell.


How much is Mike Lindell worth with My Pillow?

As of my Source cutoff of September 2021, Mike Lindell’s net worth was estimated to be around $50 million, largely due to his ownership of the company My Pillow.

Who is Mike Lindell’s ex wife?

Mike Lindell’s ex-wife is named Dallas Yocum. They were married for 20 years before divorcing in 2013.

When did Mike Lindell start making pillows?

Mike Lindell started making pillows in 2004, initially operating out of a garage in his hometown of Chaska, Minnesota. Lindell came up with the idea for My Pillow after struggling to find a comfortable pillow that would help him sleep due to his own issues with addiction recovery and chronic neck pain.

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