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Mustard-Flavored Skittles: A Match Made in Heaven or a Sin Against Sweetness?

In a bold move that is sure to divide the internet, Skittles and French’s have teamed up to create mustard-flavored candy. The limited-edition Skittles will be available on August 5, National Mustard Day, and will feature a “tangy mustard flavor” combined with the candy’s “iconic chewy texture” doused in a yellow coloring.


The partnership between Skittles and French’s is a natural fit, as both brands are known for their bold flavors. French’s is the maker of the iconic yellow mustard, while Skittles is known for its rainbow of sweet and sour flavors. The two brands have previously collaborated on a limited-edition mustard-flavored gum, which was a hit with fans.

The new mustard-flavored Skittles are sure to be a polarizing candy. Some people will love the unique flavor combination, while others will find it too strange to eat. However, there is no doubt that the candy will be a conversation starter.

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“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring our fans the unexpected,” said Skittles Brand Manager Emily Jenkins. “We think the combination of Skittles’ iconic chewy texture and French’s tangy mustard flavor is a perfect match.”

“We’re excited to partner with Skittles to bring this unique flavor to life,” said French’s Brand Manager Nicole Bell. “We know that mustard is a polarizing flavor, but we think that the combination of Skittles’ sweet and sour flavors will help to make it more approachable for a wider audience.”

The mustard-flavored Skittles will be available in limited quantities at select retailers nationwide. They will also be available for purchase online at Skittles.com.

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