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Netanyahu in hospital ahead of key vote on judicial reform

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized on Saturday night and fitted with a pacemaker, just hours ahead of a key vote in parliament on his government’s controversial judicial reform plan.


Netanyahu, 73, was admitted to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv after a heart monitoring device implanted last week showed anomalies. He underwent the emergency procedure early on Sunday, and doctors said the operation went smoothly.

Netanyahu’s office said he is expected to be discharged from the hospital later on Sunday, but that he will not be able to travel to Cyprus and Turkey as planned.

The vote on the judicial reform plan is scheduled for Monday, and it is expected to be close. The plan would limit the powers of the Supreme Court, which has been a thorn in Netanyahu’s side for years.

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Opponents of the plan say it would undermine the independence of the judiciary, while supporters say it is necessary to reform a system that they say is too politicized.

The vote comes at a time of heightened political tension in Israel. Netanyahu is facing a corruption trial, and his popularity has been declining.

The hospitalization of Netanyahu has added to the uncertainty surrounding the vote on the judicial reform plan. It is unclear whether Netanyahu will be able to attend the vote, and if he does, whether he will be able to sway any undecided lawmakers.

The vote is expected to be a close one, and it is possible that it could be delayed. However, if the plan is passed, it would be a major victory for Netanyahu and his supporters.

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