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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Recap: What You Need to Remember Before Season 3

The second season of Sweet Magnolias was full of ups and downs for the beloved characters of Serenity, South Carolina. From Maddie’s new relationship with Cal to Helen’s miscarriage, there was plenty of drama to keep fans hooked.


Here’s a recap of everything you need to remember from Sweet Magnolias Season 2 before Season 3 premieres:

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  • Maddie and Cal’s relationship: Maddie and Cal’s relationship was tested in Season 2 when Cal’s anger management issues resurfaced. Cal was fired from his job as baseball coach after he got into a fight with another man, and he was arrested for assault after he got into another fight in the season finale. Despite all of this, Maddie and Cal ultimately decided to stay together.
  • Helen’s miscarriage: Helen was devastated when she miscarried in the early stages of her pregnancy. She turned to her friends for support, and she eventually started dating Erik, Dana Sue’s sous chef.
  • Dana Sue’s divorce: Dana Sue’s divorce from Ronnie was finalized in Season 2. She started dating Jeremy, a farmer who was a customer at her restaurant.
  • Kyle and Ty’s recovery: Kyle and Ty were both injured in a car accident in the Season 1 finale. Kyle’s recovery was slow, but he eventually started to feel better. Ty’s arm was injured, and he had to give up playing baseball. He struggled to find a new purpose in life, but he eventually found a new passion for cooking.
  • Isaac’s birth parents: Isaac’s search for his birth parents finally came to an end in Season 2. He met his birth mother, and he learned that his birth father was Bill, Maddie’s ex-husband.
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