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Taylor Swift’s $100,000 Bonuses to Truck Drivers Are a ‘Life-Changing’ Gift

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was a massive undertaking, requiring a large crew of people to help put on the shows. One of the most important members of the crew were the truck drivers, who were responsible for transporting all of the equipment from city to city.


The truck drivers worked long hours and were away from their families for weeks at a time. They often had to sleep during the day and work all night, and they were subjected to the elements.

Despite the challenges, the truck drivers were dedicated to their work and helped to make the Eras Tour a success. In recognition of their hard work, Taylor Swift gave each of them a $100,000 bonus.

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The bonuses were a surprise to the drivers, who said they were “life-changing.” One driver said that he was going to use the money to buy a house for his family. Another driver said that he was going to use the money to pay off his debts and start his own business.

Taylor Swift’s gesture of appreciation has been met with widespread praise. Fans have called her “generous” and “thoughtful.” Many people have also said that her actions are an inspiration to others.

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