David Phelps, the President and CEO of Berkshire Health Systems (BHS), has announced his retirement in early 2022.

Phelps has served as the leader of BHS for over 17 years, overseeing significant growth and development in healthcare services.

 Under Phelps' leadership, BHS expanded its network of hospitals, medicaservices, enhancing access to quality healthcare in the region.

Phelps played a vital role collaborations and partnerships with other healthcare organizations to improve patient care and expand medical resources.

 He spearheaded various initiatives to enhance the quality and safety of care provided by BHS, earning the trust and confidence of the community.

 During his tenure, Phelps implemented strategic iexperience, modernizing facilities, and incorporating advanced medical technologies.

The retirement announcement brings attention to the upcoming transition period and the search for a new CEO to lead BHS into the future.

 Phelps will continue to work with the BHS board of trustees during the transition,handover of responsibilities and maintaining continuity.

The retirement of David Phelps marks the end of an era for Berkshire Health Systems, leaving a legacy of growth

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