President Biden is urging Congress to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a potential default by the United States government.

 The debt ceiling refers to the maximum amount of money the government can borrow to meet its financial obligations.

Republicans in Congress are opposing the move, arguing that raising the debt ceiling would encourage reckless spending.

If the debt ceiling is not raised, the government may be unable to pay its bills, leading to a potential default on its obligations.

A default could have severe consequences for the economy, including increased interest rates, a stock market downturn, and damage to the U.S. credit rating.

Democrats argue that raising the debt ceiling is necessary to ensure the government can fulfill its financial commitments, including paying

The Treasury Department has been employing "extraordinary measures" to prevent a default, but these measures are projected

President Biden is calling for bipartisan cooperation in addressing the issue, emphasizing the potential risks of failing to raise the debt ceiling.

The debate over the debt ceiling is expected to intensify in the coming months, becomes increasingly limited.

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