Rapper Blueface flew a woman out to see him but allegedly ghosted her afterwards, sparking controversy.

 The woman claimed Blueface ignored her and left her stranded without any accommodations or return flight.

Social media users criticized Blueface's behavior, accusing him of exploiting women for his own pleasure.

The rapper defended himself, stating that he never promised the woman anything and she willingly flew out to meet him.

Many argued that Blueface's actions reflect a larger issue of celebrities taking advantage of fans and discarding them afterward.

Critics emphasized the need for celebrities to be accountable for their actions and treat fans with respect and dignity.

The incident sparked discussions about consent, communication, and the power dynamics present in celebrity-fan relationships.

Some fans defended Blueface, believing that the woman should have been more cautious before agreeing to meet him.

This incident serves as a reminder for both celebrities and fans to establish clear boundaries and expectations in their interactions.

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