The Dallas Cowboys football team is currently in talks with Trevon Diggs, their star cornerback, regarding a contract extension.

Diggs has proven himself as a valuable player for the Cowboys since being drafted in 2020, and the team is keen on securing his long-term commitment.

The negotiations are expected to revolve around the financial terms of the contract, including the length and amount of the extension.

As a young and talented player, Diggs has showcased exceptional skills, leading the NFL in interceptions during the 2021 season and earning widespread recognition.

The Cowboys recognize Diggs' potential for further growth and aim to retain him as a cornerstone of their defense for years to come.

The team is aware of the significance of securing Diggs' contract extension in order to maintain stability and build upon their defensive prowess.

Both the Cowboys' management and Diggs' representatives are actively engaged in discussions, seeking a mutually beneficial agreement.

Negotiations of this nature typically involve careful consideration of market value, comparable contracts, and the player's contributions to the team.

Cowboys fans eagerly anticipate a successful outcome to the negotiations, hoping to see Diggs donning the star on his helmet for many seasons ahead.

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