During a recent interview, Lady Gaga, who voices DC's Harley Quinn in the animated series, made comments about Madonna, another iconic pop star.

The pop star was responding to comments Madonna made about her during an earlier interview.In a previous interview, Madonna had compared Lady Gaga to herself

 Madonna had compared Gaga to herself and suggested that she lacked originality.During an earlier interview, Madonna had made comments about Lady Gaga

The singer went on to suggest that Madonna's comments were motivated by jealousy and insecurity.In response to Madonna's comments about her lacking originality

Gaga's fans were quick to defend her, pointing out that her talent and originality speak for themselves.

 The feud between the two pop icons has been ongoing for years and shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

 Despite this, both Madonna and Gaga have remained successful and influential figures in the music industry.

 Fans of both artists continue to support and appreciate their work, regardless of any personal differences.

Gaga responded by saying she refuses to be compared to anyone and that she has her own unique talent and style.

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