Judge Mathis, the popular courtroom show, is set to make a comeback with new episodes in Fall 2023.

The show, known for its entertaining and engaging legal disputes, has been on hiatus since 2020.The show gained fame for its entertaining and engaging legal disputes

Judge Greg Mathis, a former Detroit District Court judge, serves as the charismatic and fair arbiter on the show.

The return of Mathis Court will bring back the show's signature blend of humor, justice, and real-life cases.

 The show has been praised for addressing important social issues and providing a platform for diverse voices.

 Viewers can expect new cases that reflect the contemporary legal landscape and resonate with a wide audience.

Judge Mathis, known for his relatability and compassion, will continue to deliver impactful judgments and guidance.

With its relaunch, Mathis Court aims to maintain its position as a beloved and influential courtroom series.

Fans of the show eagerly anticipate its return, ready to experience the riveting legal drama once again.

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