Neena Gupta, the renowned actress, recently shared a captivating behind-the-scenes video of the highly anticipated Season 3 of the popular series, Panchayat.

The video offers an exclusive glimpse into the production process,  the dedication and hard work put in by the entire team to bring the show to life.

 Neena Gupta, who plays a pivotal role in Panchayat, expressed her excitement and gratitude towards the fans for their overwhelming response

The video showcases the camaraderie and chemistry between the cast members, emphasizing the strong bond they share, both on and off-screen.

 It reveals the picturesque shooting locations, providing a visual treat for the audience and hinting at the exciting new storyline to expect in Season 3.

 The clip highlights the meticulous attention to detail by the creative team, from costume design to set decoration, ensuring an authentic rural backdrop.

Neena Gupta's narration throughout the video offers insights into her character's growth and development, raising anticipation for her performance

The behind-the-scenes footage captures the fun-filled moments on set, portraying a positive and energetic atmosphere that engaging viewing experience.

 Fans of Panchayat can now eagerly anticipate Season 3, knowing that the talented cast and crew are working diligently to deliver another entertaining

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