Paras Chhabra, a popular TV personality, discusses his journey of moving on after his breakup with Mahira Sharma.

 Despite the heartbreak, Paras acknowledges the valuable lessons he has learned from his past relationships.

In an interview, he emphasizes the importance of accepting the end of a relationship and moving forward with a positive outlook.

 Paras expresses gratitude for the experiences that have shaped him, stating that some people serve as valuable lessons in life.

 He believes that personal growth and self-discovery are essential aspects of recovering from a breakup and building a better future.

 Paras highlights the significance of introspection and learning from mistakes, aiming stronger and wiser individual.

 While acknowledging the pain caused by breakups, he advises others to focus on personal development and use the experience as an opportunity for growth.

Paras shares that he h as embraced the concept of self-love and cherishes the lessons learned, helping him evolve as a person.

 The TV personality encourages everyone going through a breakup to find their own path to healing and learning, ultimately leading to a brighter future.

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