Renowned rapper Raftaar expresses his views on popular television show 'The Kapil Sharma Show,' labeling it as a facade of showmanship. 2.

 Raftaar alleges that the show lacks genuine humor and is merely focused on flaunting exaggerated entertainment for the sake of TRP ratings. .

According to Raftaar, the show's content and jokes appear scripted, lacking spontaneity and authenticity, which he believes compromises its credibility.

The rapper highlights that 'The Kapil Sharma Show' is primarily driven by the need to impress and please the audience rather than genuinely connecting with them.

Raftaar questions the show's reliance on slapstick humor, suggesting that it underestimates the intelligence of viewers and overlooks the potential

The artist criticizes the excessive promotion of Bollywood films on the show, claiming that it compromises the balance between entertaining

Raftaar argues that the show could benefit from incorporating a more diverse range of guests, including individuals from various fields apart from the entertainment industry

Raftaar's comments have sparked a debate among fans and critics, with some supporting his views on the show's lack of substance

The rapper emphasizes the importance of genuine laughter and humor in television shows, urging creators to prioritize quality content and authentic connections

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