Esha Gupta and Manuel Campos Guallar's date night at Cannes showcased their love, style, and charm, creating a memorable evening.

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta and her boyfriend, Manuel Campos Guallar, enjoyed a romantic evening together at a Cannes event.

Esha looked stunning in her stylish outfit, while Manuel complemented her with his dapper appearance.

The couple was seen sharing intimate moments and engaging in affectionate gestures throughout the evening.

 Esha and Manuel's chemistry was evident as they posed for photographs, radiating love and happiness.

 They were seen mingling with other celebrities and industry insiders at the event, adding to the glamour and charm of the night.

Esha's red carpet appearance garnered attention and appreciation, making her a highlight of the evening.

. Manuel, a Spanish businessman, showed his support for Esha and accompanied her to the prestigious Cannes event.

Their presence together at the international film festival fueled speculations about their relationship.

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