Popular YouTuber Physics Wallah delivered a brilliant response to Slayy Point's roast video on online schools.

The video by Slayy Point humorously criticized the challenges faced by students in online education during the pandemic.

Physics Wallah, known for his educational content, skillfully countered the arguments made in Slayy Point's video.

 Physics Wallah provided examples of online resources and tools that enhance the learning experience for students.

He addressed concerns raised by Slayy Point, such as poor internet connectivity and distractions, suggesting ways to overcome them.

Physics Wallah's response showcased his deep understanding of the online education landscape and its potential for growth.

The video gained significant attention on social media, with users appreciating Physics Wallah's informative and well-articulated response.

This exchange between Physics Wallah and Slayy Point sparked a meaningful discussion about the future of education in the digital era.

Slayy Point is also monetized by other brands through sponsored content, merchandise, and live featured in several commercials

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