Jerome Kerviel, a French trader, made unauthorized trades that resulted in losses of $7.2 billion for Société Générale bank.

 Kerviel used complex techniques to hide his positions, avoiding detection by risk management systems.

 His trades were initially profitable, but the 2008 financial crisis caused them to turn into massive losses.

Société Générale uncovered Kerviel's unauthorized activities and reported them to the authorities.Upon uncovering Jerome Kerviel's unauthorized

Kerviel was found guilty of breach of trust, forgery, and unauthorized computer use and was sentenced to prison.

The case shed light on the risks and weaknesses in the banking industry's risk management systems.ability and initiating a thorough investigation

 Kerviel argued that the bank turned a blind eye to his activities as long as he was making profits.

Société Générale faced heavy criticism for failing to prevent and detect Kerviel's rogue trading.The involvement of the authorities helped shed light

 The incident had a significant impact on financial regulations and risk management practices in the banking industry.

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