The Family Place, a renowned Dallas-based nonprofit organization, reveals the co-chairs for the 2023 Partners Card initiative.

Partners Card is an annual fundraising campaign offering exclusive discounts at various local retailers, with victims of domestic violence.

 Distinguished philanthropists Jane Doe and John Smith have been chosen as co-chairs, bringing their expertise and passion to drive the campaign's success.

Jane Doe, a prominent community leader, has a longstanding commitment to social causes and is poised to raise support for The Family Place.

John Smith, a successful businessperson, brings extensive networking skills and aims to engage new partners, increasing the campaign's reach and impact.

The duo's collaboration is expected to further enhance the initiative's effectiveness and help domestic violence survivors.

The 2023 Partners Card campaign aims to surpass previous records, empowering The Family Place to expand its comprehensive assistance.

Through strategic partnerships and community involvement, The Family Place strives to create a safer  violence survivors and their families.

 The unveiling of the co-chairs generates excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Partners Card increased public engagement and support.

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